Nigel Bulley and Mark Seviour ran Soundsurfer for a number of years providing very unique party experiences. Nigel and Mark could instinctively select the right music for all but the most picky to enjoy the party, although not the best music mixers.

The most successful parties are legendary, especially because Nigel was renowned for once he won over the room being unprofessional and going further than interacting with the crowd and joining in. Heck he was known to get on the dancefloor and dance with the guests at times, whilst Mark took over the decks. If the crowd wanted to party they loved it, others who were a bit up themselves hated it.

The pair were also renowned for under cutting the other djs, for this reason rumours were spread that Soundsurfer were rubbish, especially by Tim Hoad of Atlantic Sound whom was jealous because he was not such a natural dj, although not bad.

Mark later wanted a less wild, more professional higher paying image so parted his ways with Nigel, and partnered up with his son in-law. This seperation was influenced by people at some wedding parties whom almost had definite links to other djs that resented Nigel' s attitude.

The other djs came unstuck though because Nigel is a guru when it comes to turning a threat into an oportunity. He obtained a residency for a number of years where he played at a budget that caused djs even more displeasure than the mobile prices. Nigel would have played for nothing though, he loved a party and seeing that the crowd were loving the vibe. The rest is history
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